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We Need Our Mom’s

I get it. Not everyone had a great Mom. Maybe she lost her way. Maybe she failed to give you what you needed as a child and you have suffered. There are horror stories…..and if you have a terrible story about your Mom, then this post is not for you.

But that’s not my Mom.

I need my Mom.

Our Mom’s carry us for 9 months, give birth to us and hold us as we breathe and cry for the first time. They fuss over us, sing songs to us and read us countless books. As a little child our Mom’s provided us with love, encouragement, praise, a gentle hand and opportunities to grow and explore. They cried behind closed doors when we did things to scare them, they sacrificed and went without for us to have what we need, they went without sleep when we were out gaining great and not so great experiences. They made mistakes, of course they did. We all do. But, they did the best they could with what they had, they fought with their heart first. That’s what Mom’s do. The best they can.

When we grow up and move out on our own, our Mom’s are proud but sad. They miss us, they want to hug us and be by our side through our hurts, joys, accomplishments and loves. But we want to be free, independent, mature and empowered so we push back just a little. Sometimes we push too much. We forget how much we need our Mom’s.

Sometimes….we drift apart. Words are said. Things happen to strain the relationship. Distance builds, in miles, time between calls and the connection become complicated. Our inner child is confused, scared but stubborn and defiant.

Each time our life unravels or we achieve a goal, we think of our Mom. We want to share, cry, and connect with our Mom. She is the one who supported us to grow, learn and branch out. She is the one who sacrificed so much for us to be who we are.

Sometimes we need our Mom’s and they are not there. Sometimes they have left this world and all we can do is hold on to the beautiful memories and be ever so grateful they loved and cared for us.

Sometimes the distance is so great, the bridge between so long, dark and painful. But we know that we need our Mom.

My Mom, a great Mom, a loving, caring and nurturing Mom, sacrificed for me. She cried, suffered, rejoiced, supported, challenged, comforted, advised and encouraged me.

The distance may be great, the gap may seem fraught with dangers, there is vulnerability but opportunity. She is your Mom, you are her child.

We need our Mom’s.

I need my Mom.

Maybe she needs me too.


  1. Jackie on October 20, 2017 at 4:48 pm

    Moms absolutely need their children! <3

    • Elizabeth Eckert on October 20, 2017 at 8:36 pm

      They sure do! 🙂

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