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Parenting Children with Special Needs

When I Found My Voice

  When I Found My Voice Finding my voice didn’t happen over night, it was a long time coming. Although the flame of inspiration had been smoldering since I took on the challenging role of being a single Mom with disabilities to children with disabilities, the gas that set my latent courage ablaze came later.…

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I am a Child With a Disability

My Day I begin my day wearing a backpack that represents my disabilities. I have a few and each one is a rock in my backpack that I can never take off. Waking up, my backpack is already a bit heavy, annoying really, as my vision complicates picking my clothes, taking my meds, handling the…

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First Day Again

I entered the stylish and massive building juggling too many things in my hands and mind to see an ocean of back-packs, colored hair, attitudes and droplets of teenage body odor. Kids in tow, we weaved our way through the sticky crowds of aprehensive and exuberant cliques down the main hall. My 17 year old…

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